An essential component of our know-how is cross-cultural competence.  Our familiarity with the European and Chinese cultures and the potential corresponding problems and especially the avoidance of these cultural problems in daily business and in negotiations are an important basis for success in the market.

Unfortunately, cross-cultural matters are often neglected in day-to-day business.  The Chinese and European cultures, however, are as far apart culturally as they are geographically.  The cultural differences can cause misunderstandings or even a project to fail. Thus, it is particularly important to know how to interact with the foreign culture.  Acceptable solutions can only be achieved when both parties are understood.

While it can be argued that there is more and more understanding of Western culture is now experienced in business transactions with Chinese partners and vice versa, dealings with the authorities still require considerable sensitivity in terms of culture.  In addition to language skills, which form the basis of comprehension, we can also provide cross-cultural understanding and the required sensitivity.

Based on its skills in six different fields, Eurosina can offer you sound and competent support in many aspects of your business in China.  Eurosina helps you to make use of opportunities and develop business potential but at the same time, minimize the risk involved.

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