Business Sectors/Branches

In terms of business sectors/branches, the Eurosina network has contacts to the industrial, service, and retail sectors.  As a result of the wide range of projects we have conducted, our contacts cover, in particular, telecommunications, IT, pulp and paper, environmental technology, textiles, and non-ferrous metals.  In the sectors mentioned, we not only have contacts to the appropriate specialist media or trade fair organisers, but also to firms that could be your potential customers or suppliers.

Eurosina partners

In the past few years Eurosina has built up a comprehensive network of competent and reputable partners in Europe and China.  All partners were selected with care and Eurosina has now been working together successfully with all these partners for some time now.  Many years of cooperation with these partners gives you the opportunity to call in a well-coordinated team that can offer service packages custom-tailored to your requirements.

Eurosina Consulting - Business Sectors