Production and Outsourcing

The most risky step in doing business in China is setting up your own production facilities or embarking on production operations together with a Chinese partner.  This can serve to intensify a firm’s presence in the Chinese market, but also to provide the opportunity to export the goods manufactured to the international market.

Since this step requires a comparatively large financial commitment, it generally also involves the greatest risk.  The main barriers to these plans include the frequent lack of contact with authorities or local institutions, but especially questions about legal matters.

If production is to be outsourced wholly or partly to China or if individual products are to be manufactured in China, the risk may be smaller, but the problems are similar.

In the meantime, we have already assisted with or established subsidiaries successfully for several companies, as well as successfully started production operations in China. For other firms, we have found suitable suppliers and concluded long-term supply contracts.  With this experience, we can assist you in all aspects of local production and outsourcing considerations.

Our aim is that your local production operations run effectively and efficiently and your production targets are achieved.

Eurosina Consulting - Produktion und Outsourcing

Service examples in production and outsourcing

In order to provide you with a more tangible idea of our service range in production and outsourcing, the following list contains a brief summary of projects which we are currently working on or which we have recently completed for our customers:

  • analysis and location search
  • partner search
  • establishing companies
  • personnel selection and consulting

Further information

In addition to specific services and skills in management education, coaching and training, we would like to tell you about our skills in other areas (see “Competence”). A selected list of customers for whom we have already handled successful projects is provided here.

Eurosina Consulting - Produktion und Outsourcing