Eurosina Consulting and Trading was established in 2003 by Dr. Hongying Foscht.  At that time, Dr. Foscht already had many years of management experience in industry and doing business in China.  The newly established firm very quickly gained a foothold on the market.

Numerous successful projects have been implemented for well-known firms from the industrial, retail and service sectors.  Presentations and various publications in specialist media have enhanced Eurosina’s reputation as a reputable and competent partner for business with China.  Furthermore, Eurosina has also continued to develop economically.

Today, Eurosina has locations in Austria and in China, as well as a comprehensive network with competent partners.  In the meantime, a well-coordinated team ensures that Eurosina customers can benefit from the opportunities offered by the Chinese market, but with the minimum possible risk.
Eurosina Consulting - History