About us

Eurosina’s activities focus on providing competent support to European companies for their business in China and the same to Chinese companies in their business activities in Europe.  In short, Eurosina sees itself as a bridge to China for European companies and a bridge to Europe for Chinese companies.

The consulting philosophy that forms the cornerstone of Eurosina’s activities builds on a comprehensive background of cross-cultural and business experience.  Furthermore, the company has a wide range and proven network of competent partners in Europe and China. A great many renowned companies from trade, industry, and the service sector rank among Eurosina’s customers.

Eurosina Consulting - about us

The header used for our web site shows the board used for the Chinese chess game.

The chess figures are placed on the points where the lines intersect. In Chinese chess, the figures are round pieces bearing the name of the figure in Chinese characters. Against this background of a strategic and complex game, we have chosen the chess board as the backdrop for our web site and placed Eurosina as a figure in the chess game.