Management Education, Coaching and Training

Many problems can be avoided entirely with good preparation.  This also applies to developing business relations in China. Europeans who come to China with the appropriate information and training have substantially better chances of success than those who ignore this aspect.

In the management education sector, we offer assistance to executives extending from inter-cultural management to strategic considerations in concrete negotiations.

In addition to management education, we also offer coaching sessions for executives in Europe, as well as for executives deployed by European firms to China, in which they learn, for example, how to find efficient and effective solutions to a specific problem or even in conflict situations.

We can also help you with training sessions for employees at different levels who are to be deployed to China in the near future to supervise production or to conduct negotiations or some other management task.  Training sessions are also offered for employees working in Europe but will be working together with colleagues from China or will be receiving visitors from China.

Our aim is to enable you to conduct business successfully in China without any problems whatsoever. This is why we offer management education, training sessions and coaching solutions adapted to your specific requirements on an individual basis.

Eurosina Consulting - Coaching

Service examples in management education, coaching and training

In order to provide you with a more tangible idea of our service range in management education, coaching and training, the following list contains a brief summary of services we have provided recently for customers or which we are currently working on:

  • management education on personnel management
  • management education on strategy
  • management education on lobbying
  • coaching on conflict situations
  • inter-cultural training
  • communication training
  • negotiation training
  • conflict training

Further information

In addition to specific services and skills in management education, coaching and training, we would like to tell you about our skills in other areas (see “Competence”). A selected list of customers for whom we have already handled successful projects is provided here.

Eurosina Consulting - Coaching