The Chinese market not only offers great potential as a sales market, but also as a procurement market.  In this sector, however, European firms are faced with many questions that, at first glance, appear to be unanswerable: How and where do we find suitable suppliers? How do we negotiate with potential suppliers? How reliable are these suppliers in terms of adhering to delivery dates and quality? And even if the deliveries agreed meet all requirements at first, the question remains: How can we ensure that reliability in delivery dates and quality is guaranteed over the long term?

We can help you reduce these uncertainties to a minimum. We will help you not only in your search for and assessment of the right partner, but also in specific negotiations, in quality control, and in concrete implementation of the project in the long term, and if and when any problems emerge.

Our aim is for you to achieve your purchasing targets in the Chinese market with the minimum of cost and effort.

Eurosina Consulting - Purchasing

Service examples in marketing and sales

In order to provide you with a more tangible idea of our service range in purchasing, the following list contains a brief summary of projects which we are currently working on or which we have recently completed for our customers:

  • search for potential suppliers
  • analysis and evaluation of suppliers
  • strategic consulting
  • quality control
  • negotiations

Further information

In addition to specific services and skills in management education, coaching and training, we would like to tell you about our skills in other areas (see “Competence”). A selected list of customers for whom we have already handled successful projects is provided here.

Eurosina Consulting - Purchasing