Legal Matters

In the legal sector, we have cooperation agreements with reputable lawyers in Europe, as well as in several Chinese provinces.  This is important to take into consideration as some legal details may vary from one province to the next, and because they can also change at relatively short notice.

Well-coordinated cooperation by Chinese and European lawyers is important because it is often necessary to explain and to understand the other partner’s legal system (for example in relation to contract law, company law or tenancy law) in order to be able to act in the client’s best interests.

Eurosina Consulting - Legal Matters

Eurosina partners

In the past few years Eurosina has built up a comprehensive network of competent and reputable partners in Europe and China.  All partners were selected with care and Eurosina has now been working together successfully with all these partners for some time now.  Many years of cooperation with these partners gives you the opportunity to call in a well-coordinated team that can offer service packages custom-tailored to your requirements.

Eurosina Consulting - Legal Matters