Business Services

Any business activity in China, be it sales, purchasing, or production and outsourcing, requires a series of support services in addition to successful performance of the individual tasks involved in the particular activity in its narrow sense.  The same applies also to situations when your Chinese business partners come to Europe.

Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive service package in the business services sector.  These services range from translation and design of your company and sales informational materials, internet web sites or business cards, to specific planning work for trade fair events or advertisements in the Chinese media.

Our aim is to relieve you of these tasks by providing a business services package custom-tailored to your specific needs and allowing you to concentrate on your key tasks.

Eurosina Consulting - Produktion und Outsourcing

Service examples in business services

In order to provide you with a more tangible idea of our service range in business services, the following list contains a brief summary of services we and our partners have provided recently for customers or which we are currently working on:

  • graphic design of sales material
  • translation of sales material
  • translation of contracts
  • placing advertisements in Chinese media
  • planning visits by delegations
  • hosting of delegations
  • Internet, info material, business cards

Further information

In addition to specific services and skills in management education, coaching and training, we would like to tell you about our skills in other areas (see “Competence”). A selected list of customers for whom we have already handled successful projects is provided here.

Eurosina Consulting - Business Services