Well-founded analyses and competent consulting are certainly important, but they are only the first steps towards success for your company.  Only by implementing these concepts can you benefit from the opportunities offered by the Chinese market.  Our implementation skill is based on many years of experience by the Eurosina team in the management of differently sized firms in Europe and China, as well as in various branches of industry – particularly experience in business cooperation between European and Chinese partners.

We will support you for the long term in competently implementing your strategic plan or will implement projects for you.  We have extensive experience in this field covering a wide spectrum of business areas and functions. For example, Eurosina had implemented a plan to establish a sales network, set up firms, and provide initially temporary management of local companies.

Based on its skills in six different fields, Eurosina can offer you sound and competent support in many aspects of your business in China.  Eurosina helps you to take advantage of opportunities and develop potential but at the same time, minimize the risk involved.

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